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Let’s start a sustainable lifestyle together!

We will launch two portable, reusable products on World Environment Day (June 5), which will make living an eco-friendly lifestyle much simpler and less fussy.

New Initiatives in 2019

We have introduced the following new measures, and encourage more customers to work with us to create a cleaner and more pleasant Hong Kong:

Replace traditional plastic straws with sugarcane straws

Recycled from sugarcane fiber, sugar cane straw is 100% natural and plastic-free, which is also biodegradable and can be used as compost. The use of sugar cane straw will extend to 62 stores effective from Jun 5, 2019.

Replace plastic stirrers with new wooden stirrers

To reduce plastic waste at source and minimize the use of plastic, all stores start using wooden stirrers instead of plastic stirrers in Jan 2019.

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