Pacific Coffee AR Flip the Coffee Cup

  1. The Pacific Coffee AR Flip The Coffee Cup (The Activity) is organized by Pacific Coffee Hong Kong (The Organization).
  1. Upon participation in the Activity, each participant has provided the relevant personal information and confirmed that he/she has read, understood and accepted the terms & conditions of the Activity, the general terms & conditions, and the Personal Information Collection Statement. Each participant also agrees to the Organizations use of his/her personal data in the manner and for the purposes described in the statements. 
  2. In case of any disputes, the Organization reserves the right of final decision.

    Participation Method

The promotion period of the Activity starts from 31 Oct 2023. Participants must complete every step as mentioned in the Activity. Responses will not be accepted after the deadline. The Organization is not responsible in the circumstances where the information submitted by the participant is delayed, lost, or illegible, due to any issues caused by the computer system and network. Participants will only be qualified if they have completed all the steps.

  1. Players successfully flip the coffee cup once, you will receive a 50% off Pacific Coffee hand-brew E-coupon. You need to download the APP and log in to use it.
  2. The Organization reserves the right of final decision on activity arrangement and prize winners list. The decision shall be conclusive.
  3. Participants must join the Activity as an individual. Group or pair participants are not accepted.
  4. Upon participating in this activity and providing the personal information:
  5. Participants have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions of this activity
  6. Participants have read the activity and the Organizations personal data collection statement, and agree that the Organization will collect and use participants' personal data in accordance with the following personal data collection statement.
  7. The prizes as distributed in the Activity cannot be transferred, refunded, sold, and exchanged for cash or its equivalent. The Organization will not be responsible in case of any damages, lost or stolen prizes.
  8. Participants must ensure that the information filled in is complete and correct, otherwise, they will not be eligible for this activity.
  9. The information provided by the participants will not be changed. In case of fraudulent use or misappropriation of third-party information, or other acts in violation of the principle of good faith, their participation and registration qualifications will be cancelled without prior notice.
  10. If a participant falsely influences the activity or commits other acts in violation of the principle of integrity (including but not limited to plagiarism, repeated participation with more than one account number, etc.), his participation and / or redemption qualification will be cancelled and the Organization will not give prior notice.

    General Terms & Conditions
  11. The Organization reserves the right of final decision and interpretation on participation eligibility, winners list and award qualification, which shall be conclusive.
  12. The Organization and all prize suppliers will not be responsible for the results after receiving or using each prize.
  13. The Organization will not be legally responsible in case of any loss, error, illegibility or damage to the relevant information of the participants, winners or the Organization of the Activity due to any technical issues related to the computer system, network, telephone, or other reasons not attributable to the Organization, resulting in the invalidity of the information. Participants and winners shall raise no objection.
  14. Those who violate the rules of the Activity by any illegal or fraudulent behavior shall be disqualified from participating in and / or winning the award. The Organisation will reserve the right of legal prosecution against the relevant participants or winners.
  15. When participating in the event, the participants agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the event. In case of any violation, the organizer has the right to disqualify the participants and reserve the right of legal prosecution for any act of sabotage. The answers submitted shall not be offensive, fraudulent, misleading, damaging to the organizer, defamatory, harassing the interests of any public or others, or infringing on any personal or personal rights (including religion, public opinion or illegality). Once found, the answers submitted will be disqualified without any notice.
  16. The organizer will check whether the information provided by the participants ostensibly conforms to the terms and conditions of the award, but it is not responsible for raising any inquiry or verification of such information.
  17. The personal data of the participants will only be used for the purpose of receiving the award of the event and will be destroyed within one month after the announcement of the award results.
  18. All terms and conditions of this event and the date and time in all relevant announcements and communications refer to Hong Kong time, which shall be subject to the computer system time of the organizer.
  19. The organizer has the final right to decide and explain all matters of this event. Participants must respect the organizer's decision without objection.
  20. The organizer reserves the right to change or delete the contents, terms and conditions of the promotion without further notice.
  21. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions of these terms & conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

New Member Welcome Offer - 50% off for one handcrafted beverage

1. The offer is applicable to in-store and mobile app transactions and not applicable to purchase via delivery services

2. The offer is redeemable at all Pacific Coffee locations in Hong Kong (except Asia World-Expo coffeehouses)

3. Handcrafted beverages exclude promotional drinks, bottled drinks, juices, hand drip coffee and liqueur coffee(an additional $4 will be charged per beverage to upgrade to oat milk)

4. The offer apply to the lowest value of the ordered beverage(s) in one transaction

5. The offer is applicable to registered members

6. The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or privileges except bring- your-own-mug discount (only applicable for in-store transaction)

7. Expiry date is non-extendable

8. Purchased item is not refundable and not exchangeable

9. Pacific Coffee Co. Ltd. Reserves the rights of final decision in any case of disputes



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