Not just a warming beverage, coffee has become an integral part of one’s hectic lifestyle. Since our founder Tom Nier brought the American coffee culture to Hong Kong in 1992, we have devoted to providing an affordable yet luxury coffee experience with an East meets West concept and expanding our coffee selection with quality as our first priority.

How To Taste Coffee

01Roast Degree

The roast degree determines the flavor development of a coffee. In general, the lighter the roast profile, the more origin character is retained by the coffee bean. This means that lighter roasts will have more acidic and fruity characteristics while darker roasts will have more caramelized sugar flavors and bitter characteristics.

02Taste Balance

The taste balance of a coffee is determined by how the levels of acidity and bitterness compare in the cup to create the sensations of balance and sweetness. Acidity is a lively, bright characteristic similar to the flavor of lemon. Bitterness is a dry sensation like the astringency of black tea. Both are valued taste components of the perfect cup of coffee.

03Texture & Body

Coffee is made up of 98% water but about 2% comprises both dissolved solids and suspended solids. These combine to create the sensation of texture in the cup. Coffee professionals evaluate the mouth-feel of a coffee in order to evaluate its quality.


Coffee contains some of the most complex flavor compounds found in any beverage. We have carefully selected the most notable characteristics of each of our coffees for your consideration.

To Brew The Perfect Cup


Always use freshly boiled spring or filtered water, allowed to cool briefly to 90-96°C.


No matter how much coffee you plan to brew, an ideal ratio is 50-60 grams of coffee per liter of water. Use less coffee for a milder flavour, or more for a more intense cup.


Freshly grind your coffee using the below guide, immediately before brewing for maximum flavour.

COARSE French Press
MEDIUM Cone or Flat Filter
FINE Espresso

For best result, store your coffee in an airtight container away from light and changes in temperature or humidity. Avoid boiling your coffee or re-using spent coffee grounds.

Brewing Methods



For sand-like melitta or fine grind, pourover is often used. Water-to-coffee ratio should be 16:1 – i.e. 355g of water to 22g of coffee. Pour just enough water over the grounds to make them wet and let them blossom for about 30 seconds. Pour the rest of the water in circles and work the way up the filter.



It is most commonly used for fine coffee grind. The optimal water-to-coffee ratio is 12:1 – i.e. 300g of water to 25g of coffee. It is suggested to soak filter in warm water for 5 minutes or more before brewing.

French Press

French Press

It is most commonly used for coarse coffee grind. The optimal water-to-coffee ratio is 12:1 – i.e. 480g of water to 40g of coffee. After steeping for 4 and a half minutes, slowly but firmly press down the plunger.

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