Our exceptional sustainable coffees are sourced from farmers who share our passion for perfection. We aim to source some of the world’s finest sustainably grown coffee, produced by some of the world’s finest farmers. We strive to provide a personalized coffee experience to our customers – other than the popular Espresso Blend, we have launched 18/25 Altura – Farm Direct Blend in 2014 in a bid to provide more quality beans at affordable prices.

Three types of coffee beans are available at our coffeehouses, each with its own unique flavors and aromas.

Espresso Blend

  • Blend of Costa Rica, Colombian and Indonesian coffee offers a bright, lively nutty-tasting espresso rich with golden crema
  • Strong Viennese Roasted Blend
  • Flavor: Roasted nuts with lingering acidity

18/25 Altura – Farm Direct Blend 18/25 Altura

  • 100% Arabica high-grown coffees from Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Sumatra in Indonesia
  • Smooth, round, syrupy and silky body
  • Flavor: Cherries, roasted nuts and toffee

Today’s Brew

  • Served with different Single Origin Beans rotationally
  • Bring out the original flavors and characteristics of the bean


Roasting transforms green beans into the roasted coffee that we all know, with unique aromas and flavors. Temperature, heating time and the origin characteristics must be taken into consideration when trying to create a balanced and flavorful coffee. Using a method developed nearly 40 years ago, small batches of carefully chosen coffees are slow-roasted in vintage cast-iron roasters, which, using cast iron drums, allow a more consistent heat distribution and thus a more even roast. Additionally, our skillful coffee roasters carefully match the coffee bean with the right kind of roasting applications to obtain the optimal flavor of the coffees available at our coffeehouses.


Handcrafted beverage

From placing the perfect dose of coffee ground to evenly tamping it to carefully manipulating the brewing time, our professional baristas handcraft every cup of coffee to deliver the balanced and flavorful taste profiles with a personal touch.

Specialty Coffee

There is nothing more artful in the world of coffee than Specialty Coffee. Different brewing methods (such as Pourover, Siphon and Clever Drip) bring out unique flavor developments in the bean. We serve Specialty Coffee at selected coffeehouses with specially sourced roasts to give you the most personalized coffee moment.

Available stores: Festival Walk Level LG1 & Level LG2, Causeway Bay Midtown and Taikoo Cityplaza

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