Coffee quality is the one thing that we will not compromise. Not only us, more and more people look for impeccable quality in their coffee – not just at cafés, restaurants and caterers, but also at home and in offices.

The same devotion to coffee quality brings together Pacific Coffee and JURA, a reputable Swiss brand that prides themselves on quality, innovation and great user experience. Being the sole JURA’s official distributor in Hong Kong and Macau, we aim to extend the perfect coffee experience to your home and any corporate settings.

Home-line models

The unique design of JURA coffee machines makes them an attractive addition to any home. They are also incredibly easy to operate and deliver the ultimate coffee result

Professional-line models

Wherever they are used – in offices, restaurants, hotels, etc. – JURA professional coffee machines indulge customers, guests and staff alike with the perfect coffee. And they offer a unique price/performance ratio.

Pacific Coffee is the sole official distributor of  in Hong Kong & Macau

Our Coffee Solutions

Our Coffee Solutions is a team of coffee experts who offers a total package of coffee expertise, an extensive selection of high quality coffee beans, a wide range of state-of-the-art machinery, reliable technical service support and diversified financial arrangements. Our professionalism facilitates tailor-made solutions that satisfy the demands on a commercial scale for coffee and catering.

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