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Black Forest Indulgence

Christmas-limited Beverages
Guess you may dream of encountering the magic moment with snow falling this year, two festive drinks have arrived at Pacific Coffee to celebrate Christmas with you in style. Inspired by the classic Black Forest Cake and added with the Oatly milk which is nutritious, equally tasty and healthier, and it would surround you with spiced-up Christmas vibes.

Black Forest Oatly Mocha
Using our signature farm direct 18/25 Altura coffee as the base, its rich taste balances perfectly with flavorsome red berries blended with oat milk. What’s more, it is topped with chocolate powder with the shape of snowflake, giving you an extraordinary holiday time! 

Black Forest Oatly Chocolate
With the unquie formula with mild bitterness cocoa bean and pairing with blended red berries, it is perfectly balanced and added on top of Christmas tree decoration with chocolate powder, probably becomes one of fascinating taste and IG-able for non-coffee drinkers.

Tall   $43   Grande   $47   Alto   $51 (Hot/ Iced drinks are available)

This series is available from 1 Dec 2021 to 18 Jan 2022 at all Hong Kong coffeehouses (except coffeehouses at Asia World Expo and Hong Kong International Airport). 

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